I need to say nothing more…Ashburn & Brambleton lack many major facilities, including a decent sports complex. Yes, Ashburn village has one…that is meant for their community. More over, Southern part is still neglected. Please throw your full support


Ranked by recent edition of Business week magazine, more details here.

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Interesting article on how Loudoun is (kind of) trailing behind other counties; Here is an article from Sun Gazette. Some of those assertions (aka, facts) are troubling a bit. I know of a few folks who are doing very well with home schooling, yet they just pay as much for county taxes. They are not only taking burden off of our schools, their kids are doing much better both academically and even socially. Why are those families getting penalized  (still they pay taxes, instead of getting additional financial help).

Brambleton shops

I wonder how Brambleton developer would like to categorize or promote shopping center as. Some how, it is not visualized to be an attractive destination. In fact, shops are not even similar to a strip mall where you would typically find nails, party or lower end decorative shops, etc. On the other hand, there are a few specialty shops and are not meant to attract masses. Barnes & Nobles delayed their presence by a year or more. Here is an interactive map of what is expected soon, all shops in phase I are on the right frame of this page: Brambleton Shops.

Ever wondered why so many areas are zoned for ‘Industrial’ development? If you look around lots of parcels are set aside and it makes no sense to have these many. They are meant for neither residential nor commercial use. Brambleton looks like trying to reverse that trend. This makes sense as Brambleton will (eventually) have its own golf course, in addition to public golf course.

Comprehensive list of statistics for Loudoun released by county. Lots of interesting developments. For instance, more residential projects on the way in Dulles area, compared to Ashburn. More commercial space approved for Ashburn than Dulles. I thought it is always the other way around!