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Have you wondered why some roads around Brambleton take you to no where. Loudoun County Parkway is one such great example. I wrote a few letters to county officials, here is a response:

Thank you for your email regarding Loudoun County ’s road network.

I understand your frustration.  There are indeed many roadways throughout Loudoun County that are as you described them.  This is typical of an area that is still transitioning from a rural farming community to a suburban community.  As development occurs in a given area, the segments of new roadways are built by developers and the planned road network emerges.  This is happening in the older planned communities of Loudoun County like Cascades, Ashburn Farm, and Ashburn Village .  In newer communities like Brambleton and Stone Ridge, there are isolated pieces of the new road network that are surrounded by the old rural roads.  Eventually, the gaps will be filled as more development takes place.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and Loudoun County also fund roadway improvements, especially where there are gaps between the developer’s commitments.  Recent examples of this include construction of the Loudoun County Parkway between Route 7 and Redskins Park , including a new interchange at Route 7, the widening of Waxpool Road/Church Road in Sterling , and Loudoun County Parkway between Route 50 and Evergreen Mill Road .  Publicly funded projects that are under construction or soon to begin include the system of roundabouts in the Gilberts Corner area (Route 50/15 intersection), the reconstruction and paving of the remaining gravel sections of Sycolin Road and the widening of Route 50 from four to six lanes between Poland Road and Route 28.

There is a comprehensive transportation plan for all of Loudoun County that identifies the location and configuration of the highway system needed to accommodate the planned land uses.  This plan specifies how existing roadways are to be widened and it specifies the location and configuration of new highways.  Road builders, whether they are developers or the government, follow this plan.  You can see Loudoun’s Countywide Transportation Plan via this link to the county’s web site: http://www.loudoun.gov/Default.aspx?tabid=1000

If you need more information on the planning, design, and construction of roadways in Loudoun County , please feel free to contact Mr. James Zeller, VDOT’s Preliminary Engineering Manager in Loudoun County , by telephone at (703) 737-2014.

Again, thank you for your interest in transportation issues.


Pierce R. Homer

Unfortunately, Brambleton developer is responsible for that missing link for Loudoun County Parkway. What hope do we have that this will be completed within a year. Look how pathetic roads within Brambleton are maintained, not paved even after five years!!


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Here is a mashup of Brambleton (actually, 20148 zip code). All data is pulled from public sources, including census. This takes about 10 minutes to load, as it is based on google docs (all processing at google servers, not on your browser or your computer).

My observation about home owners and their ethnicity:

* About 15% houses are owned by banks, developers or builder or business or trustees.

* About 20% are asians (Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indians, etc).

* About 60% are others (those that do not belong to above group).

* Not as many foreclosed homes, my guess is that this is below 5%.

* Note that this is NOT profiling, this is intended to compare Asians & others compared to Americans (whites, etc). Related to ethnicity, not about citizenship.


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Comprehensive list of statistics for Loudoun released by county. Lots of interesting developments. For instance, more residential projects on the way in Dulles area, compared to Ashburn. More commercial space approved for Ashburn than Dulles. I thought it is always the other way around!

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Like all major projects, this school delivery is delayed too. I am sure weather played no role in its delay (rain is not a contributing factor for sure). Road connecting new section of Loudoun County Parkway with Ryan Road is not patched up yet. Look at earlier posting for exact location of this school. Here are some more details. Looks like this project is costing at least $17 million to build. Here is school site layout. Looks like there is a walk path from other Toll Brothers community on Old Ox Road (Overlook community), not sure if there is any road connecting this school to this community.

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As more and more folks are moving into Brambleton & Ashburn area, we have yet another new elementary school for southern part of Ashburn, known as Rosa Lee Carter Elementary School. This school seems to be located behind Loudoun Valley Estates, if you are on Loudoun Country Parkway / Ryan Road.

Street Address: 43330 Loudoun Reserve Drive [could not be located on Map Quest, Google or Yahoo].

If you want to know what are the boundaries, here. This is a rough guide (not official??) .

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More details are available for Moore field station. Shops are now available for lease (15K sft and more), also restaurant space is now released (sit & dine type). Here is their web site: shops

Make sure to take a look at aerial view (top right corner of main page). You can also download same as a PDF.

Another “likely” major development is for new Loudoun County Government office. As all of us know, their offices at Leesburg are difficult to access & there is little room for them to expand there. New County Office location. I feel this is a very logical choice as it is (if built) now located at future train station, green way (267), Loudoun County Parkway and even close to airport!

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Just imagine a side walk all along Loudoun County Parkway starting from Route 7 to Brambleton. Personally, I would love to stroll along this any time of the day, any day!

  • This greatly improves quality of life for both families and individuals.
  • There is a great “open” area along the way, very enjoyable by most.
  • Helps to build communities as we care more about our neighborhood.
  • We even bring down crime, as more people are casual watchers.
  • Helps to keep our kids happy!!
  • More importantly, vastly improves health for all.

On the other hand, Toll brothers has extended trail connection to Brambleton. Once they complete all trails (I guess, will happen by end of 2007), we will have a pretty long well connected trails spanning up to 10 miles or more!! Great job, Toll Brothers!!!!

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