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I noticed that lots of us struggle with a simple question: Given a choice A and B, which one is better?

A friend of ours was so confused with different options given to him while buying a house. Just like most of us, he was not sure on how to evaluate his choices objectively. I advised him to jot down all his wants & needs. Compare against choice A and B. Here is a small excel sheet I prepared for this purpose.


This type of decision making is also used in many fields, such as operations management. In the above table, second column is a figure to be given by you (user). Next two columns are values given by you, based on your judgment (for features listed on first column). Last two column values are from column2 * column 3 and column 2 * column 4 respectively. Finally you will arrive at a figure by adding all values in last two columns. Above calculation says, Choice A is better.


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