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Brambleton shops

I wonder how Brambleton developer would like to categorize or promote shopping center as. Some how, it is not visualized to be an attractive destination. In fact, shops are not even similar to a strip mall where you would typically find nails, party or lower end decorative shops, etc. On the other hand, there are a few specialty shops and are not meant to attract masses. Barnes & Nobles delayed their presence by a year or more. Here is an interactive map of what is expected soon, all shops in phase I are on the right frame of this page: Brambleton Shops.


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I think, Ashburn (and surrounding areas) now has one of the major data centers in the united states. Equinix and Digital Realty Trust (previously known as Loudoun Exchange) are major players. Not sure if Myriad Network is known be significant?? (Comment from a blog visitor: “Myriad is *not* a major player in anything. No idea where you got thatinfo from – Jon”). Apparently Equinix has so many customers that it has short listed them. This could mean they may expand their facilities here. This is in addition to Verizon (MCI), 365 main, Amazon & Intel (all in Chantilly), AOL LLC, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac (are they here in this area?), etc, close to Ashburn. What else is better suited than DC area, where majority of Internet traffic goes through. Of course, there are lot more data centers in Fairfax county and nearby areas. Good thing is that our commercial rental rates are pretty attractive compared to Fairfax county, so more folks may move in!!

Here is an interesting study on electric bills and environmental impact (source: Computer World). Ashburn is ranked one of the lowest, relatively high on carbon emission.

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Did you ever hear a real estate agent boasting about new commercial cool developments in your vicinity?!! I was never sure how accurate those claims are. Even if developer wanted something right close to your home, lots of factors can come in their way. Look at Brambleton Village Center. It is delayed by many months, the way it is getting completed makes me wonder if we can expect it any time this year (2007).

New commercial & shopping centers make me more interested than office buildings in our area. I came across way cool site that gives some insight into new developments & tenants. Not sure how big these folks are in commercial arena. Click here for active ones in Loudoun County

NOTE: If you wanted to buy or lease these properties, they may no longer be available. Did you ever come across displays claiming ‘lease’ or ‘sale’, though that property is gone eons back. Looks like real estate professionals like “exposure” of their name as much, with those displays staying there long after that property is taken.

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