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Brambleton shops

I wonder how Brambleton developer would like to categorize or promote shopping center as. Some how, it is not visualized to be an attractive destination. In fact, shops are not even similar to a strip mall where you would typically find nails, party or lower end decorative shops, etc. On the other hand, there are a few specialty shops and are not meant to attract masses. Barnes & Nobles delayed their presence by a year or more. Here is an interactive map of what is expected soon, all shops in phase I are on the right frame of this page: Brambleton Shops.


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Updated link:

School season just started, all of us busy with everything from dropping kids at school to managing work. Could you find a proper day care? Any second thoughts?? I thought it is beneficial to lots of folks, if I include a day care providers list. Note that this web site makes NO recommendations, as usual check before you decide. Click here

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Movie: Saturday, August 18 8:30pm (also free popcorn).
Saturday, August 25 5:00-6:00pm John Hadfield’s Monkeys in the House 

6:00-8:00pm The Beach Combers Band

[Source: Brambleton HOA letter; Movie details at http://www.brambletonhoa.com/]

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In less than a year, Brambleton is expected to see yet another brand new elementary school. Located at Creighton’s corner (some where close to Creighton Road ?), this will be very convenient to folks living in the vicinity. Not that many details available, however this link talks more about this project. Its street address and map location is here.

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Now I am a bit confused about exact location of this building. This is about the same place where Rosa Lee Carter elementary school is coming up! They also maintain their own school district coverage. Interestingly, Washington Post says there is one more middle school planned for Aldie, expected to be open in a couple of years (You may need to register to login and see this news item).

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I think, Ashburn (and surrounding areas) now has one of the major data centers in the united states. Equinix and Digital Realty Trust (previously known as Loudoun Exchange) are major players. Not sure if Myriad Network is known be significant?? (Comment from a blog visitor: “Myriad is *not* a major player in anything. No idea where you got thatinfo from – Jon”). Apparently Equinix has so many customers that it has short listed them. This could mean they may expand their facilities here. This is in addition to Verizon (MCI), 365 main, Amazon & Intel (all in Chantilly), AOL LLC, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac (are they here in this area?), etc, close to Ashburn. What else is better suited than DC area, where majority of Internet traffic goes through. Of course, there are lot more data centers in Fairfax county and nearby areas. Good thing is that our commercial rental rates are pretty attractive compared to Fairfax county, so more folks may move in!!

Here is an interesting study on electric bills and environmental impact (source: Computer World). Ashburn is ranked one of the lowest, relatively high on carbon emission.

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[First of all, I am not a realtor (though I have some association with real estate), hopefully I may not influenced by any factors].

Lots of times, people wonder if it is a good idea to buy a house at any time. Obviously, this depends very much on you, not so much on market conditions.

Take a moment to ponder! Are you practical person? How can you figure out, just look at your life style and spending habits. If you are conservative or practical, may be you want to analyze and wait for lowest house price.On the other hand, if it is your primary home and kids stay with you, nothing can substitute for your own home. You look for a good home at a nice location (including school district). If it is an investment, do your math carefully, think long term. Remember when Brambleton released first batch of condos, almost all were sold out (relatively high priced, even in those market conditions). Now we have another section of them (from Centex), surprisngly they are being sold quickly too!! Why is it so??! Location..Location..Location. Next to High school, walking distance to elementary school, major shopping & entertainment area, next to a popular golf course, close to toll road exit, new models, matured community, planned child care center (right across Belmont Ridge Road)…what else do they need?? Downside: high condo fee.

Another healthy sign: Ashburn area is not included in recent foreclosure listing (sorry, Sterling is listed at bottom; Woodbridge is top in Virginia. On the whole, Virginia looks pretty good. Top four among ten spots taken by Michigan!).

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