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Quite informative doc, showing how and what we are spending money on. This includes budget allocation for various transportation (metro included), schools (Brambleton to get another elementary school?) among others. Here it is from our county site.


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Let us hope GMU moves next to Brambleton, this is good for all of us. Check this out: http://www.loudountimes.com/news/2008/nov/18/higher-education-our-doorstep/

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Here is a mashup of Brambleton (actually, 20148 zip code). All data is pulled from public sources, including census. This takes about 10 minutes to load, as it is based on google docs (all processing at google servers, not on your browser or your computer).

My observation about home owners and their ethnicity:

* About 15% houses are owned by banks, developers or builder or business or trustees.

* About 20% are asians (Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indians, etc).

* About 60% are others (those that do not belong to above group).

* Not as many foreclosed homes, my guess is that this is below 5%.

* Note that this is NOT profiling, this is intended to compare Asians & others compared to Americans (whites, etc). Related to ethnicity, not about citizenship.


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Have you ever wondered why Brambleton developer does not care as much. Here is a short list to prove my point:


* Why are roads not paved even after *five* years. I can not even imagine any place having roads in such bad shape with man holes popping up all around.

* Why are no roads are marked fire lanes, is that no longer needed.

* Why is legacy drive near town center is *not* a one way street. Especially with so many cars parked on both sides of the road, that road is no longer suited for two way traffic.

* Why are sports facilities in such a dismal shape. No indoor games (even at our club house), two tennis courts for two thousand homes and very basic kids play facilities.

* Why is our village center has such useless selection of merchants. Most of us do not consider it as a place for any serious shopping (no major chains, except Harris Teeter), not even a single popular speciality show room.

* Why Brambleton developer taking so long to pave rest of Loudoun County Parkway (Toll brothers completed its part). This would ease traffic situation a great deal.

* Why is no other county or state facilities like a library not proposed.

It is about the time…..you as a resident raise voice. We pay close over 1500 dollars a year, I feel that it deserves better amenities and service. What do you think?



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