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I am about to update with all major companies in Ashburn area, with over 100 employees or sizable national level company. Please include suggestions, in comment section below. This will be helpful to lots of us, especially if we need shorter commute!


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I am a little amazed how a data center next to 267 (almost behind Home Depot, Ashburn) could operate once train track goes close to it. I get a feeling that it is more logical and viable for them to turn that “prime” real estate into a shopping center!!

In case you are still wondering what I am talking about…..take a look here: Data Center. Three buildings next to 267. You can zoom in or out using controls on the left top corner (“+” and “-“).

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More details are available for Moore field station. Shops are now available for lease (15K sft and more), also restaurant space is now released (sit & dine type). Here is their web site: shops

Make sure to take a look at aerial view (top right corner of main page). You can also download same as a PDF.

Another “likely” major development is for new Loudoun County Government office. As all of us know, their offices at Leesburg are difficult to access & there is little room for them to expand there. New County Office location. I feel this is a very logical choice as it is (if built) now located at future train station, green way (267), Loudoun County Parkway and even close to airport!

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