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Brambleton aerial view

Well, there are lots of map search sites that give you aerial view (to name a few, beta.mapquest.com, local.live.com, maps.google.com, among others). Here is an external site that gives you better idea, what is located where. Details in this picture are amazing.

Brambleton and Ashburn Aerial view


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Just imagine a side walk all along Loudoun County Parkway starting from Route 7 to Brambleton. Personally, I would love to stroll along this any time of the day, any day!

  • This greatly improves quality of life for both families and individuals.
  • There is a great “open” area along the way, very enjoyable by most.
  • Helps to build communities as we care more about our neighborhood.
  • We even bring down crime, as more people are casual watchers.
  • Helps to keep our kids happy!!
  • More importantly, vastly improves health for all.

On the other hand, Toll brothers has extended trail connection to Brambleton. Once they complete all trails (I guess, will happen by end of 2007), we will have a pretty long well connected trails spanning up to 10 miles or more!! Great job, Toll Brothers!!!!

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Personally, I like to stay away from either Route 7 or 50. Route 50 looks not as posh (sorry!). Route 7 is a stop & go traffic, if you are lucky. Else, it looks like a massive parking lot (sorry again!!).

  • On the other hand, if you like to go some where quickly though it costs money, I prefer Green Way.
  • Wait for a few more years, we will get a train station too.
  • Unlike, Route 7 & 50 areas, Green way surroundings are recently developed and well planned.
  • Loudoun County Parkway becomes a major artery and is expected to connect to Price William County Parkway. Most of the big roads around green way are expected to be four lanes.
  • Lots of new shopping centers are expected all around, a new university campus between Route 50 and Green way (in Aldie), etc.

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