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Within a very short span of time, there has been tremendous development. Most of the main roads are in the process of getting widened with four lanes. Loudoun County parkway is set to get extended all the way to Route 50.

Slowly sprawl is spreading all around…now there are more shops. Brambleton town center is expected to be ready by summer 2007. Lots of shops, movies, etc., make this place even more lively. With high rentals, I do not expect these shops would offer much benefit prices wise. On the other hand, marketing research points out that folks at Brambleton and surrounding areas are afluent and willing to shell out big bucks!!

BRAMBLETON sites (limited details):


Brambleton Town

Brambleton Phase I

Brambleton Phase II

Brambleton had second thoughts about golf course, now looks like an appeal is lodged for proposed (scaled down) golf course:

Loudoun County, County Site

Wait, that is not it. There are lots of other shopping malls expected within a couple of miles. Near Home Depot in Ashburn, where future train station
Shoppes at Ryan Park
Ryan Park

On the other side of home depot is another commercial development:


On the other side of green way, Moorefield station is expected to be one of the top developments in the united states (ranked by Money Magazine)

Moorefield Station
Same is also mentioned in Washington Post recent article on developments in Loudoun county.

Some what “matured” Ashburn has Ashburn cross roads. This site is located opposite to Food Lion and Farmwell hunt sub-division
Ashburn Cross Roads

Close to Route 50, there is lots of development expected on Route 606 (Old Ox Road). Here is an article about this:About Arcola Center in news

County maintains lots of study details. Here is one such link:
Ashburn statistics from County
Some approved or proposed commercial development
Some more statistics from county on growth

Market Analysis

Here is an excellent document comparing various segments

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