Letter received from Loudoun county on bus service to Tysons corner.

Tysons Express Bus Service Update
Tue, March 23, 2010 3:38:03

Thank you for your interest or recent participation in the Tysons Express Survey for Loudoun County. The survey was completed by 232 people and the survey results are now available to the public at http://www.loudoungov/bus-tysons. The survey results indicate that 177 of the 232 participants “are interested in riding Tysons Express.” An additional 41 respondents indicated they “needed schedule information before making a decision.” The input of the survey takers will be used to plan the time schedule and stops in Tysons Corner.

The Tysons Express service is proposed to begin operations on June 21. The two departure points are the park and ride lots in Leesburg off Sycolin Rd. and a new lot in Broadlands South off old Ryan Road. Both locations will provide easy access to the Dulles Greenway and the Airport Access Road. There will be seven morning departures and seven afternoon/evening returns. Tysons Express will not make any stops once departing Ashburn and en route to Tysons Corner.

Tysons Express is funded by the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project. The project includes a Transportation Management Plan (TMP) which has a specific mission of reducing congestion in Tysons during the most disruptive period of the rail construction.

A frequent concern in the survey responses was how to handle emergencies requiring an early departure from work, and the ability to run errands at lunchtime without a car. These concerns have been addressed with the Guaranteed Ride Home Program at http://www.commuterconnections.org and the free lunchtime Tysons Connector shuttle busses at http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/connector/. Just click on the link to obtain more helpful information.

To stay current on Tysons Express updates and information, just visit our link at http://www.loudoun.gov/bus-tysons.

Steven Angulo
Tysons Express Operations Manager
Office of Transportation Services
Loudoun County
(703) 777-0119
Steven.Angulo YET loudoun.gov


Surprisingly Seattle captured second spot.

Roads to NO WHERE

Have you wondered why some roads around Brambleton take you to no where. Loudoun County Parkway is one such great example. I wrote a few letters to county officials, here is a response:

Thank you for your email regarding Loudoun County ’s road network.

I understand your frustration.  There are indeed many roadways throughout Loudoun County that are as you described them.  This is typical of an area that is still transitioning from a rural farming community to a suburban community.  As development occurs in a given area, the segments of new roadways are built by developers and the planned road network emerges.  This is happening in the older planned communities of Loudoun County like Cascades, Ashburn Farm, and Ashburn Village .  In newer communities like Brambleton and Stone Ridge, there are isolated pieces of the new road network that are surrounded by the old rural roads.  Eventually, the gaps will be filled as more development takes place.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and Loudoun County also fund roadway improvements, especially where there are gaps between the developer’s commitments.  Recent examples of this include construction of the Loudoun County Parkway between Route 7 and Redskins Park , including a new interchange at Route 7, the widening of Waxpool Road/Church Road in Sterling , and Loudoun County Parkway between Route 50 and Evergreen Mill Road .  Publicly funded projects that are under construction or soon to begin include the system of roundabouts in the Gilberts Corner area (Route 50/15 intersection), the reconstruction and paving of the remaining gravel sections of Sycolin Road and the widening of Route 50 from four to six lanes between Poland Road and Route 28.

There is a comprehensive transportation plan for all of Loudoun County that identifies the location and configuration of the highway system needed to accommodate the planned land uses.  This plan specifies how existing roadways are to be widened and it specifies the location and configuration of new highways.  Road builders, whether they are developers or the government, follow this plan.  You can see Loudoun’s Countywide Transportation Plan via this link to the county’s web site: http://www.loudoun.gov/Default.aspx?tabid=1000

If you need more information on the planning, design, and construction of roadways in Loudoun County , please feel free to contact Mr. James Zeller, VDOT’s Preliminary Engineering Manager in Loudoun County , by telephone at (703) 737-2014.

Again, thank you for your interest in transportation issues.


Pierce R. Homer

Unfortunately, Brambleton developer is responsible for that missing link for Loudoun County Parkway. What hope do we have that this will be completed within a year. Look how pathetic roads within Brambleton are maintained, not paved even after five years!!

Quite informative doc, showing how and what we are spending money on. This includes budget allocation for various transportation (metro included), schools (Brambleton to get another elementary school?) among others. Here it is from our county site.


Let us hope GMU moves next to Brambleton, this is good for all of us. Check this out: http://www.loudountimes.com/news/2008/nov/18/higher-education-our-doorstep/

Here is a mashup of Brambleton (actually, 20148 zip code). All data is pulled from public sources, including census. This takes about 10 minutes to load, as it is based on google docs (all processing at google servers, not on your browser or your computer).

My observation about home owners and their ethnicity:

* About 15% houses are owned by banks, developers or builder or business or trustees.

* About 20% are asians (Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indians, etc).

* About 60% are others (those that do not belong to above group).

* Not as many foreclosed homes, my guess is that this is below 5%.

* Note that this is NOT profiling, this is intended to compare Asians & others compared to Americans (whites, etc). Related to ethnicity, not about citizenship.


Have you ever wondered why Brambleton developer does not care as much. Here is a short list to prove my point:


* Why are roads not paved even after *five* years. I can not even imagine any place having roads in such bad shape with man holes popping up all around.

* Why are no roads are marked fire lanes, is that no longer needed.

* Why is legacy drive near town center is *not* a one way street. Especially with so many cars parked on both sides of the road, that road is no longer suited for two way traffic.

* Why are sports facilities in such a dismal shape. No indoor games (even at our club house), two tennis courts for two thousand homes and very basic kids play facilities.

* Why is our village center has such useless selection of merchants. Most of us do not consider it as a place for any serious shopping (no major chains, except Harris Teeter), not even a single popular speciality show room.

* Why Brambleton developer taking so long to pave rest of Loudoun County Parkway (Toll brothers completed its part). This would ease traffic situation a great deal.

* Why is no other county or state facilities like a library not proposed.

It is about the time…..you as a resident raise voice. We pay close over 1500 dollars a year, I feel that it deserves better amenities and service. What do you think?